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why toby
toby is building real-time speech translation software for global teams. meaning, we’re building a world where anyone can work with anyone regardless of language. where global teams are not only beyond physical borders, but beyond language barriers. we’re backed by entrepreneur first and transpose. 🗺️

we’re looking for spring (to start asap) and summer interns. you’ll be working directly with the ceo or cto, with competitive compensation, flexible hours, and flexible location (remote, ny/sf in-person optional). this is a great opportunity to work on cutting edge ai. 🤖

we ask two things of you
  1. if you apply, be committed. this means: deliver on what you promise, and promise reasonably. we’ll put a lot of trust in you. take ownership. if you got midterms coming up, we get it, we’re not gonna make you lose sleep. just stay committed and communicative. 🤝
  2. have a learner’s mentality. you don't need to know everything, we’ll help you. but you have to be willing to learn. you can’t teach someone to fish if they’re afraid to brave the unfamiliar waters. 🌊

Website: trytoby.com
Demo: LinkedIn