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Doowii is a generative AI data platform built specifically for educators, an AI data scientist that trained for Education data. Doowii enables any educator to get inside their data and derive insightful analytics from their information much more easily.
With Spaceti, you can effortlessly create a hybrid, flexible, and sustainable built environment that adapts to your evolving needs.
11x is an AI and Automation company that builds autonomous digital workers.
Empowering Creators & Brands by turning content into commerce.
Toby is developing real-time speech translation software to facilitate collaboration among global teams, transcending language barriers.
Staging Labs
Make crypto safe & easy to use.
Boost revenue and loyalty by embedding connectivity into your product.
Revolutionizing Digital Creativity with Text to 3D Technology
Cookpad is a tech company headquartered in Bristol, UK, dedicated to making everyday cooking enjoyable, believing it contributes to happier and healthier lives.
Full-stack marketing infrastructure to optimise user acquisition and engagement through data-driven insights.
Tocco builds the world's largest low-carbon and regenerative materials B2B marketplace.
Matrix is your cleaning command centre enabling data-driven, on-demand cleaning operations.
GIMO is a fintech startup offering on-demand pay solution for businesses and workers across Vietnam.
The AI video platform for workplace learning.
Tractable is a software company that develops artificial intelligence for accident and disaster recovery.
Itmeo is platform to sell digital products, accept donations, get offers, publish services and blog in one link.
K-Scale Labs
We're building friendly open-source humanoid robots.
Oxide Computer
Oxide is building a new kind of server. True rack-scale design, built with the innovations of cloud hyperscale technology, to make running on-premises compute infrastructure as easy as cloud.
The Financial Compliance Copilot
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